We are doing everything possible to help all those looking out for information which will help in every possible way to give best look to the skin. Here are some unknown facts which have already been tried earlier also known to be basic beauty tips that has been liked by everyone across the world from many years for being purely homemade.
There are also some new information which are known to be important since people have no clue about them previously or have not become quite popular like others.

• Limit supplement consumption:
Stop taking supplement without any need or contacting the doctor since mix up of unnecessary minerals and vitamins might have a negative effect on skin.

• Remove nail polish naturally:
Nail polish can also be removed naturally apart from the nail polish remover for which clear top coat can be applied directly on the nail to remove it using a cotton ball.

• Get rid of surplus oil on skin:
Excessive oil from the skin can be removed by using blotting paper which will also lessen the possibility of any breakouts.

• Get hair lift:
To add lift to hair use volumising spray on roots before blow drying the hair.

• Choose wisely:
To give natural look to the face it is necessary to choose right foundation that has to be chosen on natural light.

• Daily exfoliation:
Exfoliator is necessary on regular basis to remove dead skin cells that cover the skin’s natural glow.

• Resolve split ends:
To lessen the notice of split ends it is suggested to apply lot of hair repair cream to retain the moisture after using flat iron and blow dryer.

• Dry out pimples:
Applying toothpaste on pimple will help in drying it out soon. It is also suggested to remove old products replacing them with new items.

• Use proper brush to blush:
While applying makeup in order to prevent looking like a clown while using the blush it is suggested to apply it two finger width from the nose which will give natural glow without overdoing it.

• Shave properly:
Whenever it is necessary to shave it is advised that this can be done by standing under warm water for some time which will give time to open the hair follicles softening it making it less rough while shaving.

• Bounce your curls:
Those who want to give their curls a bounce can do so by simply loosening the hair with fingers instead of brush which will only flatten these curls.

• Lesser belief on labels:
Do not believe labels which assure to give immediate effect on skin instead only go with the ones which have already been tried also giving relief.

• Get fuller lips:
Those feeling low with thin lips can use neutral toned lip liner after which lipstick has to be filled on top however it is suggested to not increase this application of lip liner which will give a weird look to the lips.

• Retain hair color:
Using deep condition for hair will prevent any hair color loss apart from which this will also protect the hair from getting damaged and dry at faster rate.

• Make fake look natural:
Simply using fake lashes is not sufficient instead mascara also has to be applied on it to give it more natural look.

• Lessen the redness:
Use witch hazel or azulene in order to lessen the redness or swelling caused by hairs which have not grown after removal.

• Cut down on the costs:
Lessen the cost by removing your schedule for pedicure by using pumice stone every morning in shower, after which moisturizer has to be applied on feet after drying up which will increase the time for next proper pedicure giving you healthy feet.

• Preserve oil on skin:
Immediate application of moisturizer cream after bath will prevent any natural oils from being drained from the skin entirely which might also result in skin chapping.

• Use moisturizer cream on cuticles:
Instead of buying separate cuticle cream it is best to use moisturizing cream while manicure.

• Do away with greasiness from hair:
Greasy hair can be resolved by avoiding conditioner on hair instead moisturizer cream has to be applied on the hair ends.

• Clean Makeup Kit Regularly:
Always buy new mascara which when not used has to be tightly closed which otherwise might turn out to give flaky look to the eye lashes thereby forcing it to spread across the face, make sure to also clean the makeup tools like powder brushes which otherwise might become the place for bacteria to breed.

Also quite like the taste buds which crave for new tastes every year it is suggested that new product has to be introduced for the skin based on the weather. Hence it is suggested to use moisturizer during winter and go with sunscreen during summer with lots of SPF now that the negative effect of UV rays seems to be increasing as each year passes on.

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