Lingerie just got more innovative

It's small, convenient and quite the rage internationally. G-strings are passe. European markets are already receiving rave reviews from women opting for the "C"-string. Here's what the buzz is about:

What is a C-string?
-Belongs to the thong family.
-Is as narrow as a G-string but without the band around the waist.
-Since there is no material around the waist, completely eliminates panty tan lines which thongs and other innerwear create.

Innovation in lingerie
-Shaped like a 'C', it is worn between the legs like a traditional langot but the harness is strong enough to hold it in place.
-Perfect for women who like to wear tight clothes without worrying about the panty line showing.
-It's about welcoming a sexy new freedom.

Lure of invisibility
-Also known as the hairband panty (it could easily be mistaken for one!) or the invisible panty.
-Model Diandra Soares says that while most people haven't heard of it, "It will be cool to try on. When the G-string was hot, we all tried it. And it became a rage with girls. So, why not the C-string? It may work really well in India," she says.
-Model Anjali Raut finds comfort of utmost priority. "If the C-string can be comfortably worn and can match up to the claims of 'no lines showing', then it's a fabulous innovation for women."

Today, tomorrow
-Some international underwear manufacturers have launched C-strings for men too.
- A growing number of women are trying out this funky lingerie on chat shows (videos can be seen on the net).

Model Sucheta Sharma says, "This could be a blessing for fashionistas. I will be one of the many who will eagerly wait for the C-string to come to India. Visible panty lines are a huge turn-of for women and anything to get rid of that is welcome."

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