The Yogis had calculated the human life as one KALPA, i.e. 120 years.

The first part of the Kalpa is for 60 years.

It is the period of Karmayoga.

During this period one has to support the evolutionary system or Prakriti and to maintain the spiritual practices in low tune for keeping awareness of spirituality.

After Karmayoga period is over, comes the most crucial period of Bhaktiyoga when practice should be rigorous. This period is for ten years.

Next is the period of Jnan Yoga when the Sadhaka is matured enough to guide others. This is also for ten years.

After this eighty years span, next is the period of Sanyas when the enlighetened soul merges with the universe and this is the period of Laya Yoga.

(Source- PRANAVGITA & Yoga Sutra of Patanjali). To be with Sree Krishna we have to take such ascending journey as outlined by the Great Enlightened souls and should live our life in that way.