Try Yogalosophy Workout for Weight Loss

You may have probably guessed by now. Jennifer Aniston didnít get those super-toned legs or that great posterior by doing a few stretches or yoga asanas a day! To look fit for her movie Wanderlust, the actress had to undergo a special fitness regime called Yogalosophy. A combination of yoga, spinning and toners, Yogalosophy is a workout DVD by professional yoga and fitness instructor (read: yogi to the stars) Mandy Ingber, who merges yoga practices and philosophy, thus making it a unique and thrilling combination. Another celebrity fan of Yogalosophy is super-hot mum Victoria Beckham, who reportedly does this form of exercise three times a week.
So whatís the specialty of this workout? How different is it from the usual yoga and other exercises that you do? The answer is simple. Unlike other workouts, for this regime, you need to develop a special connection with your mind, body as well as emotions.

What is Yogalosophy?
This unique combination workout incorporates yoga asanas, or postures, with specific toning exercises that are designed to give you sleek and sculpted muscles, a cardio workout and a sense of equanimity. Sounds like a tall order? You have to keep in mind that yogaís inherent ability is to unite the body, mind and spirit, so itís not as impossible as it may look. It promotes getting into shape with an easy-to-follow but challenging routine and the benefits are that it is designed to sculpt muscles and unwind the mind. It uses emotional energy to motivate exercising ó while providing the ability to observe oneself during a workout.
Samir Purohit, fitness expert, The Pilates & Altitude Training Studio says, ďIt is a good option for people who want to do yoga without completely going away from the traditional exercises or for those who want to vary their
exercise routines. It teaches one to know their body and learn to live with oneís faults and become stronger in the mind. It also keeps you positive to achieve a change in your body to the desired level. And it helps in improving body awareness.Ē Apart from yoga and toning exercises, the program includes extras such as stretch, balance, strength and surya namaskara too.
If you are a fitness freak and wondering if you can couple this workout with your usual gym routine, thereís good news ó you easily can! Combining Yogalosophy along with your normal gym workout can help in improving body awareness, flexibility and core strength etc.
So if you are lusting for an enviable figure and are willing to try a new fitness workout, Yogalosophy is perfect for you. Its amazing mind, body and spiritual yoga routine will transform not just your body, but also your ability to see the world with lightheartedness.
Itís good for beginners
If youíre new to the world of fitness, you should opt for Yogalosophy. Because itís more than just yoga. It entails yoga poses, alternating with toning exercises. While they are challenging, the poses are simple. Itís challenging enough for people who were already athletic but havenít tried yoga and simple enough for a beginner to imitate!
Is it beneficial?
If you are easily bored with traditional exercises, then Yogalosophy is a good approach and will benefit you. Since it combines both yoga asanas and traditional exercises, it has a little bit for everyone. It gives you the benefits of yoga and strength training (which are great for toning). But do keep in mind, the best way to great weight loss always includes a good nutrition

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