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Fitness mistakes to avoid while ageing

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    Fitness mistakes to avoid while ageing

    Fitness mistakes to avoid while ageing

    Fitness and aging go hand in hand. How you live your younger to mid-life years affect your fitness levels as you age.

    For instance, did you know that excessive sugar-heavy dessert consumption can age you? Did you also know that strenuous cardio workouts without weight training and flexibility exercises can age you too? Eating right is not the only solution to healthy aging; many diet and fitness mistakes can lead to unhealthy aging. We give you the top diet and fitness mistakes to avoid in order to age well.

    Fitness and ageing mistake #1: You overdo desserts. When you overindulge in too much sugar and desserts, the process by which they are broken down damages the collagen, which helps in keeping the skin smooth and firm. Thus, in order to stay away from this process, eat low-glyecmic carbohydrates, such as whole grains that are naturally low in sugar, thus limiting the loss of collagen. You can try for natural ways of sweetening your food. Read more about natural ways of sweetening your food here.

    Fitness and ageing mistake #2: You completely avoid fat, carbs and calories. When you consume an unbalanced diet, your nails, skin and hair suffer. A diet that is devoid of calories from fats can have a derogatory impact on cell division, cell regeneration and can also play havoc with your skin texture and tone. The aging body needs fatty acids, which the body can't produce on its own and are used to maintain hydration. Also a part of the brain's building blocks, foods such as fish, whole grains, cereals and oils help in preventing memory loss.

    Fitness and ageing mistake #3: You completely miss out on essential nutrient intake. You tend to miss magnesium and copper intake, which is quite important to maintain joint cartilage and flexibility. These, and other essential micro and macro nutrients help in eliminating pain and help in adding strength to your joints - much needed in old age. One must eat foods such as nuts, spinach and dense lean protein; additionally, consult your healthcare provider and take 2mg of copper and 5 mg of manganese every day.

    Fitness and ageing mistake #4: You don't follow a strength training routine. An average 30 year old can expect to lose around 25% muscle mass and strength by the age of 70 and another 25% at 90. Decline in strength can easily be regained by older adults by performing strength training. Strength training works brilliantly for adults as the loss in muscle mass in old age affects the body in more ways than one.

    If your muscles are stronger then they can pluck much better nutrients and oxygen from your blood. This essentially means that any kind of activity will put less pressure on your heart. Further, on an average, strength training burns upto 8 to 10 calories per minute. These exercises aid in giving you a large metabolic spike which means that it increases your overall resting metabolism and muscle power.

    Fitness and ageing mistake #5: You don't give your body a break. If your exercise routine is very intense, you need rest days in order to avoid overuse and muscle injury, not to mention overtraining results such as disturbed sleep. One can suffer from increased resting heart rate, interruption in menstruation cycle and decrease in appetite. Thus, it is important to plan your exercise routine well. If there is no balance between breakdown and recovery, then your muscle might be in a chronic state of inflammation.

    Workout fatigue should be prevented just by keeping one thing in mind- smart training. Cross training is also recommended by doctors in order to prevent injuries.

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