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Exercise before Breakfast!!

Discussions on "Exercise before Breakfast!!" in "Exercise & Yoga" forum.

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    Exercise before Breakfast!!

    If you want to keep away those pounds, a study indicates that exercising before breakfast will help you achieve your goals. Eating before breakfast can make you feel lazy and can even cause stomach cramps. The study had two groups of people, one that had breakfast after exercising and the other did vice-versa.

    The group that exercised after a breakfast developed insulin resistance and were storing fat in the muscles. This led to weight gain of about three pounds.

    The group that exercised before breakfast and drank water during the workout noticed almost no weight gain and no signs of insulin resistance. There were also able to exercise more efficiently and burned the fat easily. Experts opine that body uses the stores of fat as energy while doing exercises than depending on the dietary carbohydrates.

    In essence, working out before breakfast effectively dealt with fighting against the effects of a calorie dense diet and help in keeping those unwanted pounds away.

    When you decide to exercise in the afternoons/evenings, there can be a number of reasons to make you skip the schedule as against exercising first thing in the morning.

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    Re: Exercise before Breakfast!!

    Ok. .......Exercise before Breakfast!!-sport-graphics-bodybuilding-971722.gif

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