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leggings that claim to burn fat just by wearing them

Discussions on "leggings that claim to burn fat just by wearing them" in "Exercise & Yoga" forum.

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    leggings that claim to burn fat just by wearing them

    Now, leggings that claim to burn fat just by wearing them

    Elle Sport has brought out a high-tech legging that they claim will help you lose fat and contribute to a loss of up to 4cm from around your midriff just by wearing them while walking, cycling, or even shopping.
    Launched earlier this month, Slim-Tech claim you can say goodbye to painstaking gym workouts, as the fastest and easiest way to get the perfect legs before the New Year begins is with their leggings.

    This miracle creation claims to be the quick fix solution that every girl has been waiting for, the Daily Mail reported.

    With built in control panels to instantly flatten the stomach and reduce the waist, the Slim-Tech leggings also combine seamless garment technology for a smooth appearance.

    Slim-Tech claim that their the key benefits of their leggings include accelerated fat loss, instantly flattened stomach using seamless shape wear control technology, reduced muscular tiredness, smooth and moisturised skin helping to reduce cellulite and lifts, tones and moisturises.

    Billions of microcapsules containing natural active ingredients are fixed to the fabric fibres.

    The friction against the skin when worn breaks the microcapsules dispersing the active ingredients over the skin.

    The natural ingredients within the Slim-Tech leggings include Copaiba, for toning and moisturizing of the skin, Red Algae, which stimulates fat combustion and Sophora Japonica which smoothes the skin.

    For optimal results the company recommends wearing them for 8 hours each day for 6 consecutive days, with a one day break at the end of the week.

    The company claims that after 30 you can expect significant results, with independent clinical tests showing up 4cm loss from the waist and 2.6cm from the hips.

    Available exclusively to Debenhams for 25.60 pounds, the Slim-Tech leggings, which are also made from 90 percent polyamide and 10 percent elastane, are machine washable and the microcapsules last a minimum of 30 washes.

    They are available in capri and full lengths, in sizes small, medium and large.

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    Re: leggings that claim to burn fat just by wearing them

    It is really a boon to to every body who wants to shed some of their weight. Thanks Vijigermany for sharing such an important information.



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