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Advantages of deep breathing exercises

Discussions on "Advantages of deep breathing exercises" in "Exercise & Yoga" forum.

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    Advantages of deep breathing exercises

    Advantages of deep breathing exercises

    Deep breathing exercises can improve your health and this simple exercise is must in especially when you boggled down with stressful factors.

    When you feel the burden of life's problems on your shoulder, simple deep breathing can provide relief. So next time you are irritated at work, take a deep breath. Let's take a look at the various other advantages of deep breathing.

    Reduce stress: Deep breathing exercises can reduce stress levels, reduce panic and fear and helps you think clearly. Deep breath stimulates parasympathetic nervous system which slows down the heart rate. Apparently breathing can lower high blood pressure too.

    Detoxifies the body: Deep breathing cleanses the blood, pumps the blood to all parts of the body, and flushes the toxins from your body.

    Builds lung muscles: Deep breathing exercises strengthens the lung muscles and improves the supply of oxygen to your body. Due to our lifestyle we generally inhale less oxygen, hence deep breathing assures you get sufficient oxygen. Lack of oxygen is also responsible for tiredness and lack of alertness.

    How to do a simple deep breathing exercise?
    Sit crossed legged on the chair or the floor and place your hands on the knees. Tighten your stomach and exhale slowly. Inhale slowly filling your chest and stomach.

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    Re: Advantages of deep breathing exercises

    Dear Vijigermany, very useful and important information you have shared about the advantages of deep breathing. thank you



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