Cure Skin Irritation After Threading Eyebrows!

Facial hair can spoil the beauty of the face this is why a woman has to go through several methods of hair removal. It can be threading, plucking, waxing or cream hair removals. Similarly, shaped eyebrows enhances the shape of the face and makes the eyes look beautifully shaped. However, after plucking or threading, you might suffer from skin irritation. Threading eyebrows or any hair from the body can lead to bumps, pimples or cuts on sensitive skin so it is good to cure these skin problems before they increase. Here are few tips to cure skin irritation after threading eyebrows.

Tips to cure skin irritation after threading eyebrows:
1. In threading, a cotton string is used by practitioners to take out strands of hair from the roots. The eyebrow hairs are pulled out which can be painful and can also lead to cuts on the skin.

2. While threading, hold the skin tight, as lose skin often leads to cuts and skin irritation. Follow the guidelines of the practitioner and then hold the skin tight from that area.

3. Wash the face with cold water and rub an ice cube to get rid of skin burns. Threading often scratches the skin which leads to burning sensation. Ice cools and soothes the skin.

4. To cure skin problems such as skin burn, cuts and pimples after the threading, apply a facial toner on the area and massage for 2-3 minutes.

5. Toner closes the pores and soothes the skin irritation after threading. So, it is always safe to apply a toner after threading.

6. Apply little moisturizer on the skin and gently massage. You can even use aloe vera gel to cure skin irritation after threading.

7. Don't apply makeup for 45-60 minutes after threading. Closing the pores can lead to more trouble.

Let the skin stay natural. This is a simple tip to cure skin irritation after threading.
Try these tips to cure skin irritation after threading eyebrows.

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