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tel me any remedies to remove venpullikal

Discussions on "tel me any remedies to remove venpullikal" in "Face Care" forum.

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    tel me any remedies to remove venpullikal

    hi all please help me i am suffereing a lot due to venpullikal tel me any home remedies to remove these. pls pls

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    Re: tel me any remedies to remove venpullikal

    Hi Neethu,

    Welcome to Penmai.

    These white spots may be due to fungal infection or may be Leucoderma. If the skin loses its melanin content, this condition occurs.

    You can try the following home remedies:

    1. Soak some fenugreek (வெந்தயம் ), over night, and in the morning, you can wash your face (affected areas) with that water.

    2. You can rub the affected spots with a small piece of ginger or garlic.

    3. Make a paste of honey, sandal wood (அரைத்த சந்தனம் ), rice powder and turmeric powder, and apply this paste over the affected areas.

    4. Make a paste of honey with cinnamon (பட்டை ) powder, and apply this over the affected areas.

    5. You can apply ALOE-VORA gel over the face.

    6. You can use fig juice (அத்தி பழச் சாறு)

    If you find remedy with these, it is well and good. If not, please visit a HOMEOPATH doctor. Usually, for SKIN PROBLEMS, HOMEOPATHY shows very good improvement, than ALLOPATHY.

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