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friends are jealousy

Discussions on "friends are jealousy" in "Friends and Neighbours" forum.

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    friends are jealousy

    i have few friends (includes both college and work friends) some of my friends are jealousy on us. if i share something good with them i can feel it in their eyes and their reactions. what can i do ? if i dont tell those things then they are fighting with me. that i didnt tell to them. i cant manage this situation whether to tell all the things or not?

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    Re: friends are jealousy

    Hii @rosy805

    It Seems like they don't like all the attention you get. Anyways If they're Your good friends, then they'd not be Jealous of You. Yeah Dont let these things get to Your head Yaar. Stay Cool & Keep the Right Distance with them. At times, Letting go is the Easiest thing to do So TC!!

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    Re: friends are jealousy

    Hiii @rosy805

    yeah as karti said dont let this thought get to your head friend.

    1. this may seem weird but true! Sometimes we think high of ourselves nah? that thought interprets other's reactions as jealous acts! if that thought comes in, that will stay forever! you cant be happy with your friends anymore...never ever!
    keep your mind free and fresh! don't even care about anybody's eyes and reactions!

    2."jealousy only eats up your beauty! Have more faith in yourself, you got something that other people dont!"
    You must be proud of yourself!

    3. True friends tease us but never get jealous!!! if they do, they are not your friends. so keeeeeeeeeeeep the distance! if you don't have any choice, keep the distance by your mind!

    Take it easy friend!

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