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Tips To Help Prevent Asthma

Discussions on "Tips To Help Prevent Asthma" in "General Health Problems" forum.

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    Tips To Help Prevent Asthma

    Tips To Help Prevent Asthma-8683fe95d73644f577ee6d6e312191c3.jpg

    Asthma is a lung condition that causes wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. It is triggered by irritants or some allergen, like - cold air, viruses, tobacco smoke,
    dust, pollen, moulds, and animal dander. Some people have coughing or
    wheezing only during exercise (called exercise-induced asthma).

    Avoid smoke, especially cigarette smoke, vapours and chemical fumes.

    Stay indoors during the humid season or the change of seasons especially when the pollen count is high.

    Do not use fans in closed and dusty places.

    Cover mattresses and pillows with plastic covers. Wash the bedding in hot water every week.

    Do not use a vaporizer or humidifier unless it is thoroughly cleaned.

    Do not have close contact with pets. Pet owners should bathe their pet weekly.

    The cleaning of the house or the surroundings should be done by wet mopping rather than sweeping, wherever possible. This avoids the generation of allergen aerosols which could act as a
    triggering factor.

    The doctor should be contacted in case the medicines are not effective in keeping the breathing comfortable.

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    Re: Tips To Help Prevent Asthma

    Dear Sumathi Srini, your tips are very important and alsoit will be of great help and immense useful to the asthma patients. thank you

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