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severe headache what to do?

Discussions on "severe headache what to do?" in "General Health Problems" forum.

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    Jul 2014

    severe headache what to do?

    i am getting severe headaches nowadays. it was very very painful what todo? presently taking paracetamol but i know it was not good.

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    Re: severe headache what to do?

    Welcome to Penmai Vanitha

    Sad to know about your headache.

    But please, never take these Paracetamols regularly or often. They should be taken very very rarely.

    Because taking these Paracetamols may damage your kidney.

    First, if you are getting headache due to logging of water in the head try the below remedy.

    If you happen to go out in a chill weather or if you get the headache after taking headbath, then you may try this

    Take some Amrutanjan and rub it in the backside of your neck , the place just below your hair , upper part of the back neck. this will give the immediate remedy.

    if you have perennial headache, you may have problems with your eyes. So, first go to the eye specialist and test your eyes. If you wear zero power glasses which is meant only to relieve the headache, then you may get relieved.

    If you get headache after any tension or when you go in the sun, try to avoid the tension or do some tension reliever like hearing music, doing meditation etc. Try to avoid going in the sun

    Please click the below links in which there are many home remedies and causes for the headache.

    10 Natural ways to Cure Headache - Simple Steps

    Herbal Remedies for Chronic Headache

    Tips for curing headache...

    Tips to avoid a headache

    home remedy for sinus headache

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    Re: severe headache what to do?

    Better to check your eyes.

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    "மண்ணில் நல்ல வண்ணம் வாழலாம்"



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