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going to temple when pregnant

Discussions on "going to temple when pregnant" in "General Pregnancy" forum.

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    going to temple when pregnant

    I am now 5 months pregnant, is there is any restriction to visit temple during pregnancy? Please guide me what’s the reason behind this? My neighbourhood told not to go to temple hereafter. But going to temple gives me peace. May i continue going to temple or i need to stop.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: going to temple when pregnant

    generally they say not to go to temple after 7 months. But if you are healthy and not emotional you can go to temple till 9th month. Please try to avoid going to temple before a week of delivery.

    To my knowledge, the reason behind this is pregnant women feel very much emotional and there are chances to delivery in the last stages. So to avoid delivery in temple they said this.

    wait and see what other say.

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