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ectopic pregnancy

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    ectopic pregnancy

    hello sisters... i am new to this community and i need to clarify regarding my pregancy problem. i was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy before 8 months and gone under operation. my dr said one of the tube is normal and they told that there is chance to getting pregnant again.. but still now i didnt get pregnant i am so much worried. did you anyone faced this kind of problem. did you get pregnancy again after ectopic pregnancy. please also tel me is there any possibilites to pregnant again. please dear sisters clarify me

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    Re: ectopic pregnancy

    About 60% of women who have had a tubal pregnancy the first time will have a normal pregnancy the next time without further treatment. Early testing during pregnancy to rule out a repeat ectopic is essential!

    If pregnancy does not occur within about a year of trying, then treatment is needed. Treatment options for fertility will depend upon what surgery was done for the ectopic pregnancy; and what the condition of the other tube is. Often, a second look laparoscopy is needed, to assess tubal status. Options may include: ovulation induction; tubal surgery; laparoscopic surgery; and often IVF.

    Having had an unsuccessful outcome the first time makes getting pregnant very stressful - especially if the tubal pregnancy ended in a rupture. However, with the right treatment, chances of having a baby are quite good - after all, the fact an ectopic pregnancy occurred means that the eggs and sperms are good!

    -Taken from net.

    Wish you all the best kalyani, Soon you will be blessed.lots of baby dust to you.

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