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FFriends my hair is brown n I have hair fall someone suggest me any effective home remedies. And important thing is I have sinus so can't use cool items
Dear Pradeepa Raj, I used Henna (Marudhani) when my black hair started to change to brown colour. By this method I regained my hair colour to black. The method is as follows:
I used to boil gingelly oil and add a few curry leaves and keep this liquid in a tightly closed container. Whenever I have to use it, I will take little quantity of this oil from the container heat it with henna powder (Marudhani Powder). After the oil is cooled, I will apply it and leave it for 5 hours. Then I used to wash with Shikakaai. Alternatively you can use castor oil instead of gingelly oil. Because you are having sinus problem please try once with this method then if you find no aggravation of sinus then you can continue. this method gave me good result.
All the best. thanks!