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What Caffeine can do?!!

Discussions on "What Caffeine can do?!!" in "Health and Kids Food" forum.

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    What Caffeine can do?!!

    Caffeine acts as a stimulant to speed up the brain and nervous system.Too much of intake leads to restlessness, headaches, anxiety, sleep problems, faster heart beat, levels of blood pressure raised, passing more urine and much more.Excessive caffeine can acidify blood pH balance.

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    Caffeine is found in coffee beans, cola nuts, tea leaves and cocoa beans used for making chocolates. It is beneficial for kids to avoid coffee, tea, cola drinks and too much of chocolates to get a healthy body,mind and a sound sleep.
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    Exercise and drinking plenty of water is necessary to detoxify.

    Vitamin C in the form of fresh lemon or citrus juice is more helpful to cure the damaged cells.

    Add more vegetables and greens to your food to stabilize the loss of nutrients.

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