For 9 month old baby along with mother's milk the following items can be given,

  1. formula feed or cow's milk
  2. cooked and smashed vegetables like carrot, potato
  3. smashed fruits like apple, orange, banana, papaya
  4. ragi porridge, rice porridge
  5. fruit juices according to the season.
  6. idli, dosa, dhal rice, milk rice, rasam rice, pongal, rava kichidi (everything smashed)
  7. introduce egg and non veg items like (chicken, mutton)
  8. First try giving yellow part of egg alone.

Please don't try to give everything in a mixed manner, if your baby gets dysentry or vomitting you cannot judge which causes it.

So try to introduce new food in a weekly gap. if it suits try the another new food after a week

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