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Nail biting habit in kids

Discussions on "Nail biting habit in kids" in "Health and Kids Food" forum.

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    Nail biting habit in kids

    It is very common to see children biting their nails. This is simply because of boredom or anxiety...

    Nail biting habit in kids-26-bit.jpg

    When the kids are left free without any work they often do this to keep themselves engaged... In such cases, please try to keep your kid occupied with some work or fun activities to get diverted from the habit of nail biting...

    Always cut the finger nails of your kids and check the cleanliness. Even now if you can't stop the habit of nail biting use mouth guard for your kid.

    Nail biting brings worms into the stomach when the dirt enters the mouth. Nail biting may also cause damage to fingers.

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