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Water rich food

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    Water rich food

    Water rich foods are mostly comprised of vegetables and fruits which do not only contain anti-oxidants but are also alkalizing. This, in turn, minimizes acidity in our body and also contributes towards better joints, bones and tissue repair. Moreover, water rich food items establish a system in our bodies that detoxes itself efficiently.

    Water is an important need of our body as it is 70% comprised of water and also, many of the vitamins and minerals we need are water-soluble and they are also absorbed better when in solution. Amazingly, it is not only a glass of water which can only fulfill our liquid needs rather this world is full of natural foods which are rich in water content and hence, could be used to keep the water level balanced in our bodies and could contribute towards healthy life in this way.

    Crisp Lettuce
    Crisp lettuce contains 96% water within itself. Hence, it helps a lot in keeping up with the hydration needs of your body. Apart from that it is also a good source of potassium, antioxidants and smaller amounts of vitamins C and K. So if you are looking up for water rich foods then crisp lettuce is a must-try. You can use it in your salad on routine basis.
    Watermelon is not only refreshing and tasty rather it is enriched with a lot of water content, you can find 96% water in it along with a good amount of vitamins A and C. moreover, it also contains lycopene, fiber and potassium. In other words, it is the best fruit which you can opt out for to fulfill the water needs of your body as it gives you a win-win situation

    Grape Fruit
    Grape fruit has 90% water content and hence, comes on 3rd spot in our list. It is also low in terms of calories and is considered as a good source of phytonutrients and vitamin C. So this is another lucrative option which can provide you with good amount of energy and hydration.
    Broccoli is very commonly used vegetable in west but do you know it contains almost 92percent water. In addition, it includes vitamin C, calcium, fiber, iron and beta carotene which later, gets converted into vitamin A by body. Therefore, it is very beneficial for you to eat as much broccoli as possible because it makes your body water-rich.
    Low-Fat Milk and Yogurt
    Low fat milk and yogurt contains 89% and 85% water content respectively and hence, it comes on 5th position in this list. This food qualifies as a good source to add protein, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A and D to your diet. So, what are you waiting for? Go and have them today.
    Coconut Water
    Coconut water is comprised of 95 percent water. It is commonly found in coconut that is how it differs from coconut milk. It is a good choice for sportsperson to keep their bodies hydrated as it has relatively low carbohydrate and low sodium content.
    Avocado contains 81% water as well as many other health fats which are very beneficial for the body. Moreover, absorption of two key carotenoids, lycopene and beta-carotene also increased by 200 to 400 percent when fresh avocados was added to meals. It is very good to speed up the recovery process in athletes as well.
    Cucumbers have 96 percent water content and a good balance of electrolytes for instance, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Apart from that you can also find, other potent minerals and silica which are very useful for connective tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone.
    Strawberry is another very good water rich fruit as it contains 92% of water content as well as only 23 calories. Moreover, strawberries also speed up and regulate the blood sugar response in individuals due to the polyphenols found in them.
    Celery is also full of water content and can be made a part of your daily water-rich diet. In fact celery is a very effective and powerful electrolyte food as two to three mineral-rich stalks of celery can refill sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc levels in athletes after intense exercise. So if you are a sportsperson then this is what you want to keep yourself hydrated and full of all the required minerals.

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    Re: Water rich food

    Good Info! Thanks for Sharing Ruchita.



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