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Suffering from dry mouth?

Discussions on "Suffering from dry mouth?" in "Health" forum.

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    Suffering from dry mouth?

    Suffering from dry mouth?

    Dry mouth develops when the amount of saliva in the mouth is reduced. Medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or Sjogren’s Syndrome may also cause dry mouth. There is a higher chance of experiencing a dry mouth when more medications are taken.

    Dry mouth symptoms include:
    • Sticky or dry feeling in the mouth
    • Thick, stringy saliva
    • Pain or a burning sensation in the mouth and tongue
    • Dry, cracked, painful lips
    • Difficulty in eating, especially with dry foods such as cereals or crackers
    • Difficulty in swallowing and speaking
    • Taste disturbances
    • Bad breath

    Discomfort wearing dentures

    • Feeling thirsty, especially at night.

    Speak to your doctor or pharmacist if you suffer from any of the above symptoms.

    Other things you can do to ease your symptoms include:
    • Regularly sipping cold, unsweetened drinks and ice cubes

    • Using a humidifier at night to keep the air full of moisture

    • Sucking sugar-free boiled sweets or iced lollies and chewing sugar-free gum

    • Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, acidic drinks (e.g. orange juice) and smoking

    • Moistening foods with gravies, extra oil and yoghurt

    • Visiting your dentist for advice as dry mouth can affect your teeth, encourage tooth decay and can lead to other oral infections.

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    Re: Suffering from dry mouth?

    A few things to control dry mouth:
    Take water regularly
    Avoid tobacco use and acidic foods.
    Avoid using the over-the-counter antihistamines.
    Breathe through nose instead of mouth.
    Add moisture to the air at night.

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    Re: Suffering from dry mouth?

    I guess the best remedy for dry mouth is to drink water always. We should avoid spicy foods, better yet, we must consider eating juicy foods and fruits. Cigarettes are the common reason of dry lips or mouth, it should also be avoided. To be safe, we should consult a doctor for a check-up.



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