Stock up on some summer fruits

To keep dehydration at bay this season, include loads of fruits in your daily diet.

- Citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lime are juicy and high in water content.

- Apricots can be cut and eaten or baked, cooked and pureed.

- Blackcurrants with their intense flavour are best mixed with other fruits like strawberries,
raspberries or apples.

- Opt for sweet cherries, which can be added to fruit salads.

- Plums are sweet enough to eat raw, or you can make them into crumbles, pies or tarts.

- Raspberries can be eaten raw and pureed.

- Strawberries are the fresh produce of summer. Serve them chilled.

- Watermelons have high water content and taste sweet and juicy. Make a tall glass of fresh watermelon juice and enjoy.

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