This article explains the importance of breakfast meals and why we should always take it.

It has been said severally that amongst all meals that breakfast is the most important of the day .eating a break fast is a wise move for a variety of reasons.

First, after resting all night without eating, breakfast especially a carefully planned low calorie one-can help to boost your energy level to face the day with revived vigor.

Eating a healthy meal in the morning can also help to stave off daytime hunger, thus reducing the desire for snacks between meals.

In fact, doctors, medical experts and nutritionist who manage weight loss program, all recommended that eating a healthy breakfast is a vital step towards consistency in dieting.

While breakfast is clearly an important meal, the biggest problem with many breakfast foods is that they are high in sugar and calories. Gulping down a bowl of flakes or some glazed doughnuts does not exactly constitute a healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, this is the type of breakfast that many people resort to in the rush to go to work, school or other places.

If you are committed to losing weight, improving your health, simply feeling better in the morning and throughout the day, it is time to stop and think carefully about whether your meal actually involves a low calorie breakfast. A break fast that includes fresh foods is more often than not, naturally low calorie.

Believe it or not, you can still lose weight eating delicious meals that include pancakes, fresh fruit and even omelets. Use fresh foods, raw fruit as toppings and unprocessed whole grains. So start your day on the right footing and try these simple, low calorie breakfasts to kick start your day.

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