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A rare fruit that kills Cancer!

Discussions on "A rare fruit that kills Cancer!" in "Healthy and Nutritive Foods" forum.

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    Re: A rare fruit that kills Cancer!

    Dear Deepa & Mithun,

    Please read this..

    Common Name:-
    Soursop tree

    Malayalam Name:-
    Mullan chakka,

    Botanical Name:-
    Annona muricata Linn

    Soursop tree is a miraculous evergreen tree found in most of the rainforest areas. This is a small tree grow up to 5-6 meters high with simple leaves having glossy dark green colour.

    In third or fourth year flowers arises in tips of the branches later it arises in main stems and main branches. Flowers of the sour sop trees are with thick petals, greenish yellow in colour and heart shaped.

    Fruits 20-25cm length, with abundant prickles or bristles, containing numerous long brown colored seeds embedded in the whitish pulp and has a weight of up to 2 Kg.

    Nutritive Value:- The fruit of Soursop tree contains carbohydrates in high quantity particularly fructose. The fruit also contains significant amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B1 and Vitamin-B2.

    Planting method:-
    Soursop trees are cultivated by planting mature seeds.

    Food Value:-
    After removing outer skin and seeds green fruits are used as vegetable similar to jack fruits for making curries. It is cooked with spices such as coriander powder, black pepper and “Garam Masala powder ” for making delicious curries.
    The flesh of the Soursop fruit consists of an edible, white pulp and fruits are eaten when they are fully ripe.

    Medicinal Value:-
    The fruit, Leaves and seeds are used as herbal medicine.

    Foot note:-
    It is believed that chemicals found in the Sour sop tree selectively target the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched.

    Ref : papanasini.blogspot.com

    Its a also called "Atha chakka" and "mulla atha" Deepa dear...

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    விழாமல் இருப்பது பெருமையன்று. விழும் போது எல்லாம் எழுவது தான் பெருமை!!

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    Re: A rare fruit that kills Cancer!

    Very informative Ganga...Thanks for those lovely research dear!

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