Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry):

  1. Amla is richest source of Vitamin C.
  2. It promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff.
  3. It improves glow of skin and natural remedy for acidity, gastric troubles, constipation and indigestion.
  4. Strengthens heart and lungs.
  5. Helpful in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar level.
  6. Amla increases the fertility, alertness and memory.
  7. It is very useful in eye diseases.
  8. It cures diseases like itching, reddening, and watering of eyes.
  9. Acts as antioxidant and strengthens body’s immune system.
  10. Amla increases red blood cell creation thus improves strength of teeth and nails. It reduces the body heat and weight.

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