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A to Z of 'love' foods

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    A to Z of 'love' foods

    Here's the A to Z of 'love' foods

    Wondering how to plan a special day for your partner? Well, a list of A to Z foods has been compiled that will make your lover fall in love with you all over again.

    Since Aztec and Roman times, couples have been consuming aphrodisiac foods in a bid to improve their sex-life,

    Here is the A-Z list of these foods:

    A is for Asparagus Tips:
    Scientists claim that asparagus has properties linked to better orgasms in both sexes.

    B is for Beer:
    Hops contain the female hormone oestrogen and are a sexual stimulant for the girls, however it doesn't have the same effect on blokes.

    C is for Cheese: An amino acid present in cheese is used by the body to make the sex hormones.

    D is for Doughnuts: The US Smell And Taste Treatment And Research Foundation says the smell of doughnuts turns men.

    E is for Espresso: A study at the University of Michigan found that those who drank at least one cup of coffee were randier.

    F is for Fruit:
    Research also shows that fruit packed with vitamin C, like blueberries, heightens levels of the love hormone oxytocin.

    G is for Gum:
    Chewing sugar-free gum can turn people on, as the Nutrasweet in it is converted into boosting phenylethylamine in the body.

    H is for Honey: Giving honey to newlyweds before their wedding night is an age-old tradition. It is a great source of boron, which helps regulate the body's sex hormones.

    I is for Ice cream: The high levels of calcium and phosphorus in the sweet stuff can energise your muscles and make orgasms more powerful.

    J is for Japanese food:
    Seafood is high on iodine, the lower level of which is found to weaken sex drive. So sharing sushi won't be a bad idea.

    K is for Korma:
    Chicken korma has a blend of potent ingredients that are said to increase female sex drive, including coconut, garlic and almonds.

    L is for Liquorice: A study by medic Alan Hirsch found that a waft of liquorice makes men randier.

    M is for Mustard: Used in medieval times as a sex booster, experts now believe it really can stimulate the sexual glands.

    N is for Nibbles
    : Peanuts have the substance L-arginine that helps men in getting an erection.

    O is for Oysters:
    Casanova used to eat 50 oysters a day. Sex writer Emily Dubberley says they are also a psychological turn-on as the shape is suggestive of the vagina.

    P is for Pepper: Pepper contains capsaicin which increases blood flow to both men and women's sexual organs.

    Q is for Quaffing champagne: "Champagne is the perfect arousal drink. Because of the carbonation, you don't have to drink as much and you feel the effects a lot quicker," psychologist Pepper Schwartz said.

    R is for Raw celery:
    Celery contains hormones linked to female attraction in the same way as pricier classic love foods like truffles and caviar are believed to.

    S is for Steak: Dr Sarah Brewer, author of Increase Your Sex Drive , insists the protein in steak naturally tops up levels of chemicals called dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, heightening sexual sensitivity.

    T is for Thai green curry:
    It boasts of a unique combination of loads of foods, including cardamom, ginger, basil and garlic, which are known for their aphrodisiac content.

    U is for Unexpected treats:
    Snacks like popcorn is the perfect way to get loved up while you watch a romantic flick because it contains a substance which raises a guy's sperm count.

    V is for Vanilla: A US study has found that men find the scent of vanilla arousing.

    W is for Wine:
    A 1994 study from the scientific journal Nature claimed that booze works on hormones to lift libido.

    X is for Xtras:
    Herbal sex boosters like Ginkgo biloba can be very effective. A study showed that the extract from Ginkgo leaves helped sexual function in 75 per cent of men tested.

    Y is for Yummy chocs:
    Chocolate contains substances that increase serotonin levels, the feel good chemical in the brain, and also heightens sensations.

    Z is for Zinc: Foods that contain plenty of zinc include strawberries, turkey, red meat, beans and pistachios, can boost sex drive among men.

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