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travel during 8th month of pregnancy..

Discussions on "travel during 8th month of pregnancy.." in "I am pregnant" forum.

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    travel during 8th month of pregnancy..

    i am now in pune, shall i travel during train to chennai during my 8th month. what are the precautions i have to take?

    is air travel is best to reach chennai then train guide me . so confused.

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    Re: travel during 8th month of pregnancy..

    Congrats for your pregnancy @kavithags

    If your doctor permits you to travel now, then you can travel. This is because, only she knows about your body condition.

    No ma. Air travel is not advised.

    Since it is within India, you can travel safely by train.

    Please follow the below suggestions during the travel.

    While travelling in any mode like car, bus or train, keep some blankets or few heavy clothes under your seat, so as to minimized the jerk to the stomach or pelvic area.

    during the train travel, be seated only in the lower birth and very often, stretch your legs to the opposite seat and keep your leg up on the seat then and there.

    If you need to travel longer distance in the train, try to make a break in between and stay for a day, and then continue the travel.

    When you are travelling a longer distance, whatever be the period of your pregnancy, always carry all the medical records with you, since anything might happen any time. If you need to be admitted in the hospital on the way, they may need all the previous medical records and the medicines given by your doctor.

    Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, during the travel.

    Never lift any kind of weight.

    Take only the foods prepared at home.

    Strictly avoid any food item or any drinks from outside. Even the water should be carried and drink only that, to avoid any new waterborne diseases or any food poison.

    Take all the necessary medicines prescribed for you.

    Always Keep a flask with hot water, few towels and napkins along with you , while travelling..

    Always be safe during your pregnancy , especially while travelling and never take any risk during this time.

    Hope the above tips will be helpful to you.

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    nishajeni is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2017

    Re: travel during 8th month of pregnancy..

    Travelling during pregnancy is not advisible that to long distance. Please avoid as much as possible. Though you are travelling please take precaution measures too.



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