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How to plan for 2nd pregnancy

Discussions on "How to plan for 2nd pregnancy" in "I am pregnant" forum.

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    How to plan for 2nd pregnancy

    hi.. i am kalaimathi... i am a mother of one and half yr kid. yesterday i have done a home pregnancy test, it shows positive. actually we didnt plan second child right now. this is an unexpected pregnancy. Now i am worrying about my first kid. Now i am breastfeeding her. Is it good to have at this time? Whether it will affect my 1st kid in any way. pls help me

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    Re: How to plan for 2nd pregnancy

    Hi Kalaimathi,

    WELCOME to Penmai.

    When you are not planned for the second child, you should have taken safety measures, consulting your Doctor.

    Actually it is better to have 4 years gap between 2 children.

    Now, since your home test shows POSITIVE, you carry on with your next pregnancy.

    Immediately , go to your gyneac. , get the GRAVINTEX test and consult with her.

    It is not advisable to terminate the child (MTP ).Your breast-feeding may not affect the next one.

    Atleast, after your second child, better plan well before, either for STERILIZATION or for further planning of your next child.

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    Re: How to plan for 2nd pregnancy

    Hi kalaimathi,
    congrats on your second pregancy.. Breast feeding doesnot give the protection for the not getting pregnant. It is recommended to have a 4 years gap between kids, but it is not mandatory. Since you 1st one 1.5 year old, they will have tentative 2.5 year difference.. so Its really good in the future..There will not be any major generation gap between your kids. The one thing is you should have patience...2 kids under 4, it will really take your time and patience. Yes there will be sibling rivalry, but it will go in a couple of years. But they will be the best of friends in the future.. Consult your gynec, about your health whether you are healthy to carry a baby and how to stop feeding. Please do carry on with the pregnancy. It will be a little stress at first for both you and your husband. Get all the help from the family members. But you family will be lively when they grow up... Having the second totally changes the family atmosphere. fights, complaints, thajas, really it will make the family lively!!!

    All the very best... Please check with your doctor about birth control options next time.



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