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More Details about ICSI Process?

Discussions on "More Details about ICSI Process?" in "Infertility & Treatments" forum.

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    More Details about ICSI Process?

    ICSI is the short form of intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is the process of injecting the single sperm into the mature egg. The whole process is totally different from IVF procedure and it can also be considered as the part of IVF.

    It is mostly recommended for the infertile male. With the aid of ICSI, male get the chance of conceiving. The hollow and delicate sharp needle is used for retrieving sperm and that is used for insertion also. This needle is specially designed for ICSI process.

    With the help of ICSI needle, sperm is fetched and then needle is inserted over the egg shell. Through the egg shell, sperm is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg and then carefully removed from it.

    ICSI procedure follows the simple steps and after the completion of all steps, fertilization takes place. Embryo are developed and placed into the uterus of woman through IVF process. Then after some days, specialist conduct the test for concluding that pregnancy occurred or not.

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