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is ivf painful?

Discussions on "is ivf painful?" in "Infertility & Treatments" forum.

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    Question is ivf painful?

    is IVF a very painful process? how many injections do we get in the whole process. or should i go for adoption directly . what is the success rate? what are the pros and cons? please tell me your experience. i am really scared of injection…also suggest me a good ivf clinic in delhi-NCR…wud be a gr8 help.

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    Re: is ivf painful?

    One of the major reasons patients do not want to do IVF is their fear of injections. They know that during IVF they need to take injections for many days - and many patients are understandably reluctant to take these shots because they have been told that these injections are painful !

    While it's no fun to take injections , the good news is that the injections used for IVF treatment are not painful !

    Lupron and Anatgon ( which are used for downregulation) and given subcutaneously, just like a diabetic takes insulin injections. these are easy to self-administer and are not painful.

    The injections which are used for superovulation ( the urinary gonadotropins such as Menogon) used to be given intramuscularly. IM injections are more painful than subcutaneous injections, because a larger volume needs to be deposited in the muscle; and because the muscles have more nerve endings than the subcutaneous fat. However, these are water soluble , and the pain is usually easy to handle. Using simple tricks ( such as ice-cubes to numb the area; or EMLA patches ) can help in managing the pain.
    ..The chances in IVF depends on multiple reasons like your age,the diet and kind of lifestyle you follow...The chances in IVF are bright..but its important that you are choosing the correct place for treatment after researching..

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