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single woment adoption?

Discussions on "single woment adoption?" in "Infertility & Treatments" forum.

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    padhubala is offline Newbie
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    single woment adoption?

    my husband died few years ago due to ill health. we dont have baby. i thought not to marry again, but i would like to adopt a baby child.

    my parents are ok with my idea but telling me to adopt from my relation itself. i think this wont be good decision, since there may quarel in future or problem due to this.

    i thought to adopt a orphanage child.

    but i was very much confused. please give me positive and negative in both side.

    i dont want to spoil any one's life.

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    Rudhraa's Avatar
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    Re: single woment adoption?

    So sad to hear your life partner loss. God bless you and gives strength.

    Regarding your query, both has positive and negatives. you should choose wise.

    Adoption in Relations:
    • There may be chance to ask their child in the future.
    • If the kid knows the real parent he/she may show affection to their real parents.
    • You have to choose the adopting child without confusing the relation between he/she with you and her real parents.
    • The child may inherit your family gene in any way.

    Adoption from Orphanage:
    • There is no chance of getting the child back, but if there is any jealousy relatives they may disturb the child by saying the truth.
    • The child may not resemble your family.

    wait for our friends they may tell some other good and wise points.

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    Re: single woment adoption?

    sorry for your loss @padhubala

    You are taking a wise decision to adopt a child. Please go ahead and enjoy the wonderful parenting. It will heal your wounded mind.

    Yes....as Rudhraa has suggested, it is always better or best to adopt a child from the Orphanage.

    Please do not adopt any child from your relatives.

    All the best.




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