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How birth order affects personality

Discussions on "How birth order affects personality" in "Kids Zone" forum.

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    How birth order affects personality

    How birth order affects personality

    Personality development is a complex process that is affected by lots of different variables.

    While its wrong to say that one factor is solely responsible for developing the personality of a child still you can confidently assume that some factors can affect the personality to a great extent provided that the other factors are constant.

    Birth order and the child's personality

    • The first born, the oldest child:
    • The first born is the one who learns how to take responsibility at an early age because he is usually asked to help his parents with the new born children.
    • The first born usually develops Good leadership abilities and the role of the care taker.
    • The first born also feels threatened by his new born brother because he losses a big part of the attention that he was getting before the arrival of the new child.
    • The youngest child:
    • The youngest child usually competes with the first born on attention and this sometimes leads to an intensifying the rivalry between them
    • . Sometimes the youngest child becomes a risk talker because he learns how to do anything to get attention even if it was dangerous.
    • The Youngest child might also learn how to become a rebel because of the frustration he usually experiences when he fails to do the things that the oldest child is doing.
    • The middle child:
    • The middle Child suffers the most because he is the one who gets the least attention.
    • He finds himself stuck between the youngest and the oldest who get most of the attention and that's why he learns how to become diplomatic and calm.
    • His role usually becomes the peace maker who maintains peace between the youngest and the oldest.

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    Re: How birth order affects personality

    Thanks for the share, Viji.

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