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'' Websites to help kids in summer"'

Discussions on "'' Websites to help kids in summer"'" in "Kids Zone" forum.

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    '' Websites to help kids in summer"'

    HOLIDAYHOMEWORK We look at five sites that can help your children learn, build andcreate things


    It’s that time of the year when most of us would be planning oursummer breaks. However, if you are among the unfortunate few who cannot take abreak from work, and are worrying about how to keep your children occupied whenschools are shut, the Web can be the answer to your prayers. Be it building adog collar out of paracord, or a home cloud server for all those digitalgoodies you have lying around, the Internet can be a training tool for manythings. Here are few projects: let the kids (or the kid in you) explore awonderland..

    1 HOW STUFF WORKS(HowStuffWorks "Learn How Everything Works!")

    There was a time when the public library was the one-stopdestination for all our queries. Today the Net has rendered it obsolete. Hitthe browser and find the answer. How Stuff Works is a great place to startwith. It answers questions on almost everything from adventure to tech throughvideos and quizzes. If curiosity is your Achilles’ heel, and you want to findout how a vacuum cleaner sucks up all the dust, this is the place to go. Astep-by-step slide will show you what’s inside a typical vacuum cleaner andexplain the utility of each component in detail. It will also give you a fewtips on how to service it.

    2 INSTRUCTABLES (Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions)

    Now you know how things work. But now you want to get them done.Whether it is making a piece of jewellery, or building a tree house, or evenmaking a ‘perfect’ mint chocolate milk shake, Instructables gives stepby-stepinstructions for nearly everything. Explore technology, workshop, living, food,outdoor building projects and then create them. While some projects willrequire you to buy stuff from the website, in most cases old, discarded stufffrom the storeroom will suffice. Instructables is also available as an App foriOS, Windows 8 and Android, and offers a subscription at $39.99 ( ` 2,400) fortwo years or $1.95 for one month. The subscription will let you access ebooks,down-
    load PDFs and a lot of extras.

    3 MAKE [http://www.makezine.com/]

    This Website offers projects in art, home, science, craft andelectronics among others. It rates projects with difficulty levels and givesyou instruction videos. You can also shop for kits that you can build around,though these kits will need to be shipped from their US warehouse and willrequire you to pay customs import duty over and above the US dollar price. So,if you have been looking to build yourself a 3D printer or a an electronicsproject, Make’s site will tell you how to, and where to get the stuff from.

    4eHOW (eHow | How to Videos, Articles & More - Discover the expert in you.)

    Did you know that the best way to pack is to roll garmentstogether? Not all of us are interested in complex projects. Some of us justwant to excel in everyday things like packing the suitcase or growing one’s ownherbs for the kitchen. e-How shows you how to do these things, useful andcreative at the same time, in both text and video formats. So, if you want tolearn how to waterproof your blue suede shoes or to make yourself apumpkin-based peel for your skin, eHow holds your answers.

    5 DIY (DIY Network - Home Improvement How-To & Remodeling Projects)

    From tips on home improvement that let you to fix electricalproblems (do remember to wear rubber gloves and footwear) or leaking pipes toideas for throwing a bachelor party or making new cocktails, the DIY Networkhas a huge video library of things to do. Its ‘entertaining made remade’ blogalso lets you recreate things from what’s around you.
    So, if you have time on your hands, put your hands (and mind) touse. Who knows, you may end up with an invention of your own?

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    Re: '' Websites to help kids in summer"'

    Thanks a lot Chitra for sharing these websites for children. Will be very useful for the moms of kids.




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