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always in kitchen

Discussions on "always in kitchen" in "In-Laws" forum.

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    always in kitchen

    my all day is spending in kitchen after marriage because of my mil. my mil makes me to cook something throughout the day. if i came out from kitchen for some time to relax, she wont allow me for that. she call me to make something for her. why she is doing like that. she is not at all helping me in kitchen works or other things. but ordering to do some work always. what to do. i hate her to the core. how to escape from her.

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    Re: always in kitchen

    Hi Gita, welcome to penmai.com! Have patience and obey your mil as if she is your mother. In the beginning it will be like that only. Give respect to her words and meticulously follow her instructions and try to complete with smile. Time will change and you will definitely succeed in gaining her good love and affection. All the best. thank you!

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    Re: always in kitchen

    Welcome to Penmai....Gita.

    Few MILs are like this. They would like to treat their DIL as they were treated by their MIL.

    If she is asking something or other after you have finished your regular routine works, give it to her and then tell that you are going to take rest for some time. Before this, ask her whether she wants anything more.

    You can go to nearby shops then and there to buy the household products like grocery , vegetables, fruits etc.

    Daily, in the evening, after finishing your household works, you can call your MIL too to the nearby temple. If she is not willing to come, you can go to the temple alone. You can spend some time in the temple . Then return before the dinner time.

    during the weekends, you can visit many places along with your husband after finishing your household works. Few times, you can take along your MIL too to some places , not only to temples but also to movies,etc.

    You can go to the nearby Park, if any, either alone or along with her. You can tell her that you can enjoy the nature and the children playing around there.

    Please click the below links which may help you.

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    Re: always in kitchen

    hi gita. you can't do anything with your mil. some mil are like that only. its better to keep quiet and listen to her words. how long she will treat you like this? she itself will be bored by doing so. after some days she will leave such habits. don't get worried. it will be fine one day. but don't react when she is behaving like that. if your mom says you will do it for her right. think of her age and adjust with her for some time.

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