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what to do with my mil?

Discussions on "what to do with my mil?" in "In-Laws" forum.

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    what to do with my mil?

    hello friends

    i need advice. i have an issue with my mil. she is staying with us only, last year i delivered a baby girl. i was in my mom's home during 1st month after delivery. but my mil was asked me come to home so early. so i came here. after i came here, she never take care of my baby or me. me only did all things for the family and my daughter. my husband helped me but at times that also not allowed by my mil. now also she don't help me. but the problem now is my mil saying that we should invite our sil for our home for her second pregnancy. we should care for her. she told that she would be here in our house for 6 months. sil saying to stay in their house. but my mil forcing her to come here. if she comes, i only need to do all works for her and her babies.i can't take such burden on my shoulder. please give some suggestion.

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    Re: what to do with my mil?

    hai Mrs.kavitha . .
    welcm to penmai . . . . ..

    cngrtz for ur baby. . . . !

    thn i read ur post. . . ..

    its nt hpn yt.. . bt u worry abt it. . . .
    dnt giv stress to ur body & mind . . .
    relax. . . .

    take care ur health and baby. . . .

    thn some mil s thinkng lik this way. . .

    dil s strng. . bt her daugtr s weak. . . whil dng any wrk. .

    its common 1. . . .

    so dnt worry. . .

    if she cm , thn if u can 1ly do or help ur sil. . .
    else dnt plz. . . . .

    bcs it may affect ur health. . . .

    so just do simpl wrk . . . . .
    help her if u can. . .
    else no need. .
    tel to ur mil dirctly,
    "aunt im feelng tird or
    feeling pain so i need som rest. . ."

    lik wis u can avoid som works. . .

    thn tel ur hus do som helps to ur sil or mil , if they ask u to do. . . !
    its bst 1 to escap. . .

    thn somtimes just focus on ur baby care, if they ask to do any wrk. . .

    so they didnt forse u to do. . . . . .

    ungalal mudinthal uthavungal . . .
    else tel cant. . . .

    its bst. . .

    dnt try to argue. . . .
    just try to face this matr smoothly. .. .
    al bst. . .

    take care u & ur family. . . .

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