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my co-sisters and inlaws are not talking

Discussions on "my co-sisters and inlaws are not talking" in "In-Laws" forum.

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    my co-sisters and inlaws are not talking

    recently for a wedding i went to husband's brothers home. there my co-sisters and brother inlaws are not talking well. they are just talking only few words. but they are talking well with my husband.

    do i need to go them and talk or just i have to avoid them or i have to talk if they talk.

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    Re: my co-sisters and inlaws are not talking

    hai @KVB7

    Let them go.Talking to them about it really won't stop them from doing it.Stop worrying about people who live far away from you. If they just talk to you normal again, be civil, show nothing and talk normal.

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    Re: my co-sisters and inlaws are not talking

    Hi @KVB7 ,

    May be you are newly married or only for 1 or 2 years. It may be the reason for them , not to talk fluently with you (since you are new to the family) and talk well only with your husband.

    What you can do is,

    Have a permanent smile on your face whenever you happen to face any of these in-laws. This will surely ease them and have a very good opinion about you. Even if they don't smile at you, if you smile, a little later, they would surely feel to smile at you.

    You need to answer them for whatever they ask.

    You need not talk voluntarily, in the beginning. But in future, if they start talking fluently with you, then you can also talk and enquire about their details(co sister's childhood, parents, siblings, etc)

    But now itself, you may voluntarily go and offer to help your co-sisters in the kitchen. Even if they tell you to sit aside, you may help them. They would surely expect this from you. Atleast, you can cut vegetables, clean the coffee tumblers and do similar works.

    These activities of yours will surely please them, have a very good impression on you and will surely start to talk fluently.

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