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i had done some troublesome work to my sister in law

Discussions on "i had done some troublesome work to my sister in law" in "In-Laws" forum.

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    i had done some troublesome work to my sister in law

    i had done some troublesome work to my sister in law as a revenge what she done to me. but now feeling very guilt of me. what can i do? she had talked many thing wrong about me with my relatives, i was witnessed by myself for her bad talks.

    initially i left, but once i felt very much angry and i done one wrong mistake (but the matter is true). now i am feeling very much guilt of this. help me.

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    Re: i had done some troublesome work to my sister in law

    Hi friend @AMITHS
    You haven't specified what you have done in revenge. Not sure how much damage this might have caused. Since you feel guilty, I'm sure damage must be significant. Does your SIL(sis- in- law) know your actions. Do you know if the damage can be reversed, if not, could it be healed. If so, take those actions, immediately.

    Does your husband know about your revenge act? Based on your assumption( how your family might react to this) it maybe up to you to reveal it to your husband and apologize. Also your SIL might have grudge against you. If you are not sure, leave it for now(this would be the bet choice). Let time be the medicine. Until then share your feeling with a close trusted friend(for relief) and do only positive kind of acts to your SIL. Even if she disrespects you, patiently accept/ignore it. This is just to pacify your guilt. When you continue your positive deeds for a while, your husband( and even your SIL) will be able to forgive, forget the past and move on.

    Best wishes to you.

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