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What is the life of men without women?

Discussions on "What is the life of men without women?" in "Life without mate" forum.

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    RaviKumarseo is offline Newbie
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    Re: What is the life of men without women?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum.

    My thoughts are as follows.

    Nowadays it has become tough for men to get married because women, with their economic independence are ready to remain single for some more time.

    Historically, women in India, were marginalized, and not provided education and opportunities. It is happening even today. The only difference is that the percentage has slightly reduced as more women are financially well off than men. Because of the past history, women are still sceptical about getting married and ruining their career.

    As a result, all the right and law-abiding men will have to be patient before they can get married.

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    Re: What is the life of men without women?


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    marclewis is offline Friends's of Penmai
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    Jul 2014

    Re: What is the life of men without women?

    Having a life partner can let you experience many things. You can feel the love and happiness after loneliness. All is to have a good understanding between both of you to balance the relationship.

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    kanavu desam

    Re: What is the life of men without women?

    peenne unn manam poruthu invalkai

    palaivanam agalam illai alagana solaivanam agalam

    penne ellam un kaiyil than ullathu in valkaiyum serthu than...

    (paaa boss sathiyama ithu ellam thana vantha varthaigalll

    super thread..)

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    kitchidi is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2015

    Re: What is the life of men without women?

    @shakil, well thats true.

    Let me explain my joy being single, can't actually describe in words.

    I came out of a breakup after 4 yrs, the love was true and all that. It happened when I was in my undergrad.

    The girl was acting herself up, because she is wanting way too much attention from me. She did absolutely stupid things in the process and her delusions went so far that her notions on the foundations of relationship became suspicious. I didn't cut her off, it got broken despite her trying out hard, I just lost interest in all the non sense she did. Simply put she became a nuisance for me instead of asking me what she wanted. Girls are very very indirect in what they want to say, regardless of their age or education, no wonder they don't have balls to ask that "I want to have sex". I repeated many a time to be frank and ask directly what she wanted, looks like she's confused and lost herself.

    A girl regardless of her age should always remember to speak her mind out, not giving clues. Seriously do they want to play sudoku with out mind all the time?

    My Single Life :
    It was nothing less than freaking awesome. I am absolutely loving my life, the freedom, both financially and emotionally. I am not a party type person, have very few friends, none are even near me to hangout, absolutely single and isolated !

    What should be managed being single ?
    Sexual urge, in one line thats how I wanted to summarize. The desire to have a mate is perpetual for a guy and I don't crave for sex, because I am very happy enjoying myself. I have zero bad habits whatsoever, I don't watch porn or read magazines that talk about things explicitly. Both are disgusting portraying unhealthy and unrealistic sexual acts. If you know how to keep yourself happy and indulge in completely positive thoughts, your life becomes nothing short of a paradise without the female.

    So, do you want a girl friend?
    Well, if there is one, its great but without any committment whatsoever. I don't chase anybody. A few women chased me, my standards are super high, I don't let them in very easily. Women know how to play with man's sexual urge be it before / after marriage to destroy their ego, something they do naturally. I destroy theirs before they even attempt. If they are nice, I am naturally very nice to them and helpful.

    Did you have sex?
    Yes, I should say the girl was gorgeous, absolutely stunning, she knows what to do in the bed. She's a very family type, but the relationship ended up very quickly. Seriously, "sex is overrated" is how I can summarize after my very first sexual experience. Mind you we had sex after we are so freaking turned on, can't hold longer.

    What should I do to enjoy my bachelorhood?
    (1) Stop thinking about girls, sex or anything that involves a female.
    (2) Start doing something you love, just do it madly with all the passion in life.
    (3) Do exercises regularly, meditation and all that, extremely disciplined healthy habits.
    (4) Eat well, sleep enough.
    (5) Love yourself, love life in general, respect people, accept human failings both man/woman, as the wise put it "To err is human", so we are. Be helpful without expectations. Don't judge people for whatever reason be it.
    (6) Have plenty of hobbies, keep yourself busy, be the happy go lucky guy. So many of my relatives were so freaking jealous of my singledom. They just want me to tied up and face all the troubles in the world that come with it.

    Will you marry ever, if you find that perfect girl you thought of?
    No, never. Marriage is an institution, to me its an invented one, for the sake of keeping promiscuity in check and other things more important things follow later.

    My friends are getting married now, I greet them and move on to enjoy my bachelorhood. It never caused any turmoil in my mind that, "all my friend are enjoying I am not" kind of feeling. Because I discovered the art of happiness, how to be in my own skin, completely satisfied as a human being. Its not hard, comes with practice and practicing positive thoughts.

    This write up may seem a bit ideal, but its happening in my life right now. It took me a few months of trying and failing to reach where I am now and no stopping from here.

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