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my sister husband died in accident

Discussions on "my sister husband died in accident" in "Life without mate" forum.

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    seema008 is offline Newbie
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    my sister husband died in accident

    last year my sister husband died in accident. they were lived as family for a year only. they dont have kids. now we all are asking her to marry a person. but she is not accepting. how to convince her and make her to marry. my mom and dad was so much worried about her future.

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    Re: my sister husband died in accident

    Please take her to a counsellor. She is still tied up to her past. She might be into self-pity cycle. Please give her some time for her recovery. Until then dont talk about her remarriage and dont give her emotional stress/pressure. Instead, divert her into something (further studies, job , etc.,). When you think she is back to her normal self, slowly try to convey the importance of a reliable lifelong companion, through someone, with whom she is close to.
    Never let her self-esteem down in the mean time. I'm sure she will be out of it soon.

    All the best.

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    jayakalaiselvi's Avatar
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    Re: my sister husband died in accident

    Dear sister,

    I'm really very very sorry for her. Truly speaking I'm not at the age of giving advice to this problem. But one of my close relative faced the same problem.so I just tell u how they handled the problem.

    1. Let her allow to talk , cry and get frustrated......don't restrict her for that .......let her heartily drain out her feelings.

    2.dont give any advice or suggestion right now.

    3. She would be definitely under depression. So don't force her to move on. If she doesn't want to move on in her life she may try to commit suiscide.

    4. She might be thinking why it happened to me....what mistake did I make......why God punished me......there is no God in this world......all these kinds of negative thoughts would be there.......u definitely can't console her. Don't try to console.

    5. She would be feeling utter lonliness......if u advice her now she might tell u can't understand her feelings and if u were facing the problem then only u will understand. They will get very angry at this time.

    6. They would be very sensitive. Small matters make very big issue.u people should be very careful about this.

    7. She would be facing two kinds of major problem which affects her confidence and self respect.
    a) pathetic look from outsiders......at this small age like this happened .....like that kind.
    b) because of this tragedy the negative sayings from out side......I don't even want to mention that sis.....hope u understood.

    so first make her ready to face the out side world. Believe me sister, counseling does really magic . Counseling, medicines, family support , patience and caring is the only way for this.

    second if she is not a earning person ....make her to do that. Even though she is not in need of money, the business or the work will give u some responsibility which gives u some maturity to handle things.....that leads her to come out from her depression.

    thirdly u can suggest her to move on her life. But on her side because of the bad experience and the hurt from her first marriage definitely she would refuse. She might tell I don't want to get involved in marriage again. May be again u need one more counseling.

    This may take at least 3 years. But this is a firm and long term solution.
    My relative faced the same problem.....now is happily living with two kids.

    I wish that again u should come again to penmai and give us the marriage invitation of ur sister. Wish u all the very best sis......take care.

    காதலை பற்றி அக்கறை பட்டதே இல்லை
    உன் அக்கறை காதலை மட்டுமே சொல்கிறது......

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    ARR is offline Newbie
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    Re: my sister husband died in accident

    ரெண்டு மூணு வருஷம் விட்டுப் பிடிங்க..



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