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Help! I'm dissatisfied with my sex life!

Discussions on "Help! I'm dissatisfied with my sex life!" in "Married Life" forum.

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    Help! I'm dissatisfied with my sex life!

    Help! I'm dissatisfied with my sex life!

    Question: I am a 34-year-old married woman. We seemingly have a great marriage but I am extremely dissatisfied with the sexual relationship between my husband and me. My problem starts in the bedroom at night. My husband will usually have a couple of drinks with his dinner after which we retire to bed. He prides himself on his great sex drive and will want sex every night. He often boasts of the sexual relationships that he had before we got married. However, no sooner does sex start than it is over. As soon as he ejaculates, he starts to snore. In all my years of marriage, I have waited in vain for an orgasm. Is this all there is to sex? When I ask my husband, his answers make me feel that good women do not have, nor should want to have orgasms or even sexual satisfaction. Of course, he also apologises once in a while for his lack of control, but he attributes this to his business worries. I am tempted so often to go out and have an affair to see if things can be different, but I guess I do not have the guts to do so. Please tell me what I should do.
    - LN

    Answer: Noise proves nothing. Often a hen that has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid. Your husband seems to bear a resemblance to that hen! Please accept my sympathies. I wish I could apologise for the selfish and chauvinistic attitude of so many Indian males one sees or encounters almost daily. This species obviously considers themselves to be God's gift to woman kind. For how else could one remain so blissfully unaware of his partner's needs! Going out and having an affair with another of this breed will do nothing but increase your frustration. And, truthfully, you have no way of knowing about a stranger's sexual prowess anyway. It would be better for you to become more assertive sexually with your hubby and let him know your needs. Make him realise that other ways exist for him to bring you to an orgasm. All the best!

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    Re: Help! I'm dissatisfied with my sex life!

    Very Simple. It appears the Husband man needs some education and counselling. Hope the problem is sorted out. God Bless them.



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