8 things to do after sex

There are plenty of things to do after sex besides just going to sleep. Guys, if you are grasping at straws on things to do after sex, Iíve got your guide right here! Weíre going to explore all kinds of different things do to after sex to make you connect with your partner that much more!

1. Cuddle
This is actually a standard right? cuddling and spooning after sex is one of the biggest ways to let your woman or even your man to know that you love them and that you two are better connected now. Itís much better than just simply turning over and falling asleep right?

2. Talk
One of the biggest things to do after sex is talk. You donít have to talk about the sex, heck, you donít even have to talk about anything really, just speaking to each other can rekindle the flame and even improve your communication. Why not talk about some of the fantasies that you might have or even talk about your future. Itís a great time to bring up important Ė but still light-hearted topics!

3. Reconnect
Reconnecting can happen in any number of ways. It can happen through talking, through touching and even just through cuddling, but the reconnecting that I am talking about is just laying there, staring at one another, maybe whispering little secrets or sharing confessions. This is the time that intimacy is at itís highest!

4. Touch One Another
When youíre having sex, you are obviously touching, but one of the things to do after sex could be just small, subtle teasing little touches. A light touch to your manís arm, a touch to his hand, a touch through his hair. Itíll all awaken the senses again and who knows where that can lead you!

5. Discuss Future Plans
Talking is a big part of reconnecting and after sex, you want to make sure that you are reconnecting with your partner. Discussing things like your future is super important! Maybe you could talk about your hopes and dreams and what you think you might want to do in the future.

6. Bask in The Afterglow
After you have sex, there is just a feeling and an afterglow that you can bask in. Itís one of the most wonderful feelings in the entire world right? Why not just bask in that feeling? Talk about it a little, look deep into each others eyes Ė trust me, itís a great way to reconnect and an awesome thing to do after sex!

7. Laugh
Sex doesnít have to be all serious, in fact, you can actually have a bit of fun with it. After or even during sex, why not have a good old laugh? You can tell secrets and jokes and even talk about some of the things that you did. Laugh it all off! Itíll make you closer and feel better about not being so serious!

8. Eat in Bed
Sex is a work out right? You burn a heck of a lot of calories and one way to replenish your bodyís energy is to eat! So why not fix yourself a meal and eat it with your partner after sex!

Ladies, sex is supposed to be fun and should be a way for your partner and you to really connect and be close to one another. These are my top 8 things to do after sex, what about you? Do you have a list of things to do after sex? Give Ďem up!

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