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In-laws are refused to live with us.. what we do now

Discussions on "In-laws are refused to live with us.. what we do now" in "Married Life" forum.

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    In-laws are refused to live with us.. what we do now

    Good evening everybody... This is Neha, Married before 3 months. my dh is working in Chennai. every week end my hubby will come here.now i am living with my in laws. my in-laws are very lovable and kind hearted persons. they are treating as their daughter. though, i am happy with them, really i am missing my hubby very badly and he too. my hubby is the oly son to their parents.

    The actual prob is we are having an idea to shift our live to chennai, but my in laws are refused to come with us. . we asked them many times to shift them to chennai. but they refused and advised us to settle in chennai. we dont want them leave alone. and so we left our idea. I am here and he is there...

    What is the solution for this... Now what we do...

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    Re: In-laws are refused to live with us.. what we do now

    Hi Neha... You and your dh seem to be a perfect couple. But what I think is , you first move to Chennai. May be his parents doesnt want to leave the place where they have been put up so long. Give them some time. As u said, since they r very affectionate, they will also miss you both and come to Chennai in due course.

    Meanwhile, you both visit them often and ask them to visit chennai also.

    After marriage, I am sure with whomever you are,, life will be lonely without husband

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