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My deaf and dump sister could be married to my husband?

Discussions on "My deaf and dump sister could be married to my husband?" in "Married Life" forum.

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    re: My deaf and dump sister could be married to my husband?

    Quote Originally Posted by datchu View Post
    Instead of getting a child from your sister, think about to "adopt" a child which is always safe. I think you are seems to be addicted to see a live sex show as described in some sex stories. Please divert your mind to the healthy and spiritual programs.
    Datchu, Sivasankari is worried for her sister who is in her late 30's plus she herself is in TTC for last 4years, so the situation made her to take this decision i guess.

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    re: My deaf and dump sister could be married to my husband?

    Hey sivashankari,
    Preethi's suggestions are very true to reality...Another problem is now you have talked to your husband's family about second marriage and also to your sister about marrying to your husband...Now if you would have taken the baby issue to convince your family then Now it will really complicate the situation to back it off. First you husband's parents will start to see another alliance if not your sister for the same baby issue which you cannot defend yourself now. Your sister will feel super lonely and neglected if you back off.

    and of all the issue, thinking that your husband get convinced( IMO this whole thing you started has a little bit of your selfish side also. You started this not only for the security of your sister but also for your own life.) But if this is your decision then you must prepare yourself for sharing your husband(you know what i mean). Its really hard than you think, the mere thought that the other women in his life is your sister will really change the way you see your sister. She will not be your sister anymore. Dont ever think, that she will feel blessed having you as her sister who sacrificed her husband and listen to whatever you tell. Dont think your sister only as baby giving machine. Even your sister is also a women who has feelings. So she will want to have a quality time with her husband too, which you should not interrupt. They may go out leaving you at home, which you have to digest. The untold marital reasons are many when you both live under same roof and because its your sister, and you started this whole thing, you cannot demand more from them too. R you prepared for all this stuff?

    First talk to your husband... he may have another good solution without getting in to the mess. IF your sister can find a job in physically challenged school as a teacher or something like that even it is for very less pay, it will surely change the atmosphere for your sister.. Physical challenge is not a big deal now a days. You just have to look hard. At any case, the decision you took of sharing your husband with your sibling is not advisable and recommended. It will tear all three apart.


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