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Why do humans kiss?

Discussions on "Why do humans kiss?" in "Married Life" forum.

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    Why do humans kiss?

    Why do humans kiss?

    Even philematologists (people who study kissing) donít know. It started, experts speculate, with mothers cuddling their babies, a cheek to cheek, mouth to cheek expression of intense maternal affection, which between adults, became a lip to lip expression of passion. Come to think of it, there isnít much choice, is there? Eskimos rub noses, but the nose isnít capable of doing much. Whereas, the mouth has lips, teeth and tongue, two of which are capable of movement.

    Getting really passionate, involves hard work. A proper kiss (an improper kiss, that is), involves 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. Orbicelaris oris, commonly called the kissing muscle, is what we use to pucker our lips. Doctors say a romantic kiss reduces stress, burns calories and lowers cholesterol levels! No wonder kissing is good for the heart.

    How do we learn kissing?
    Nuzzling may be natural but kissing well, is an art. Who can forget the romantic kisses in Gone with the Wind? Not Scarlet kissing Rhett Butler.

    Those were kisses of deception, but Scarlet kissing Ashley. There was so much desperate longing in that stolen kiss! Would I be spoiling it for you if I told you that there was a kissing coach involved, who made the actors do their kiss over and over again till they got it right?

    Yes, practice does make perfect.

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    Re: Why do humans kiss?

    very nice write-up about kissing. thank you



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