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hi good morning all. i am new to this forum. i am trying to conceive for the last three years but i not yet get conceive. i am already fedup with the treatment. and now a days my neighbours and relations are always asking about my treatments and results. and they are indirectly talking about my infertility. i am very much hurted by their words. i am able to bear such kind of words.my mother in law understands my situation. but some of my relatives are diverting her thoughts. they are confusing my mother in law. and now i am very much afraid my mother in law. if she too starts to talk like my neighbours i cant bear it. pls help me. what should i do. i am very much confused

Please check with a gynecologist asap.. Many women are suffering from the same problem nowadays. it is mainly due to our lifestyle.. Change your diet. Include Vegetables and fruits a lot. Drink lots of water. Avoid travelling as much as you can. Take rest. Don't stress yourself pls.. If your stress yourseld, stress hormones releases a lot, it will itself make you not to conceive. My close friend also suffers with the same issues, doctor advised her this. If you are working, take a break at least. Check your doctor.. Don't get stressed by others word. It will make your body and mind disturbed. Take care