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Are husbands threatened by successful wives?

Discussions on "Are husbands threatened by successful wives?" in "Married Life" forum.

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    Are husbands threatened by successful wives?

    Are husbands threatened by successful wives?

    A new study suggests that an increasing number of men today are finding it difficult to deal with busy, successful wives. Here's taking a closer look at the Mars versus Venus situation.

    When a recent book suggested that women should step out of their leadership positions, all hell broke loose in the West. Now, a survey reveals even more disturbing facts about how men feel about their successful spouses — intimidated and also disappointed with their performance as homemakers and mothers!

    Says relationship expert, "When women become more successful than their husbands, many a times it hurts the male ego and this takes a toll on their marriage. The problem solely lies in the fact that men are not accustomed to staying with women who are professionally more superior than them."

    So, do husbands of flourishing women cheat because they cannot tolerate the fact that their wives receive more accolades than them? Or does the male ego find it hard to believe that their wives are actually doing better than them?

    Insecurity plays a big role

    Says Minoti Panda, 36-year-old advertising professional, "My husband and I often have arguments on how I should stay back at home to look after my five-year-old daughter. I keep telling him that she is grown up enough to complete her homework and be on her own until we get back in the evening, but he does not seem to understand the fact." Men often tend to get threatened when their wives earn more than them, and that's why they prefer they stay at home.

    Men prefer women with fixed working hours

    Men often look out for women who can spend quality time at home and take care of the kids. Adds Hingorrany, "Men prefer women with 'safe professions' such as that of a teacher or a librarian, or those with fixed working hours so that the women spend more time at home."

    Male ego a big issue

    Most psychologists believe that the male ego is responsible for this behaviour in men. Author Lynda La Plante and husband Richard La Plante separated after 18 years of their marriage. Richard was quoted by a website as saying, "Lot of men think that it's great to have a wife who earns a lot of money. But living with a woman who is apparently mor ways to be a supportive husband.

    Though there are many men who find successful women intimidating, there are some who are very supportive of the fact that their wives are earning and doing well in their lives. Here are a couple of ways to be a supportive husband and encourage your wife.

    One must remember that respect is understanding. You must understand that your wife is an independent woman and has a mind of her own. Respecting the decisions that she takes about her life and career will be good for your relationship as well.

    Be open about your feelings to her. In case you feel insecure about something, you must share with her. Being honest with each other ensures that you build a healthy marriage.

    Be there for her in endeavours. This will make her trust you and make her feel safe and will also strengthen your marriage.

    Participate in decision-making. You don't ideally have to interfere in her decisions but when she asks you for an opinion, give her an honest feedback.

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    Re: Are husbands threatened by successful wives?


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    Re: Are husbands threatened by successful wives?

    Good sharing Viji




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