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Discussions on "need help" in "Married Life" forum.

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    Re: need help

    Quote Originally Posted by needhelp View Post
    Thanks a lot Sumathi. To be frank i dont have any attraction towards him. Also i will never ever have any sexual feelings towards another guy than my husband. But i have some other feel. Today i am on leave. So i am feeling as that guy would be expecting to see me. I know this is wrong. But my thoughts are around that. I need to overcome from this completely. I feel shame on me at times

    That's fine dear & thanks for your better understanding .

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    Re: need help

    Hi friend,

    Ramya and Sumathi have suggested very well. Please do try to follow their tips to save your married life without any hiccups.

    When your husband has married you inspite of your dark complexion and when he doesn't have any bad impression about that, for whom else should you bother? (don't bother about the comments of your inlaws)

    Even if your husband is teasing, then and there about your complexion (or who else in the family) by now, you should have practised to ignore them.

    Just for these comments, you should not think about the one who is looking at you interestingly. They are not at all genuine. They are just passing clouds. They will first see you , then talk pleasingly, attract you with their supportive talks, enjoy you and surely will leave you.

    Just an interesting eye sharing may surely lead to all the above disasters and break the whole family. Please understand this and fix this thought in your inner mind also.

    Our Indian culture is very well built to give us moral strength , that once the couple is married, and having child, this acts as the main moral strength forever, not to divert our mind (for both man and woman) on anyone else till the end of our married life.

    Lemme suggest a very very simple technique which you can follow each and every time when the specific person looks at you or whenever his thoughts dominates you.

    During this time, just bring the picture (mentally - மானசீகமாக ) in front of your eyes, of your lovable husband and your lovable child, who lives only on and for your love and affection. Immediately you will feel a jerk in your body and you will turn away from him and his thoughts.

    By this way, you can very easily overcome your thoughts dominated by that person.

    Please try for few days.

    Along with this, the yoga as told by Sumathi will also help for controlling your mind.

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    Re: need help

    Thank you. Thanks a lot Jayanthy.. Will follow this

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