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5 life lessons from the social media

Discussions on "5 life lessons from the social media" in "Married Life" forum.

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    5 life lessons from the social media

    5 life lessons from the social media

    The old school often pulls down the new age technologies as culture-killers. Though excessive time spent on applications like Facebook (with 1.3 billion users - nearly a sixth of the world's population) and Twitter (nearly 300 million) can be detrimental, there are also many lessons that you can learn from these two omniscient apps. Here are some of those.

    1. Dont be afraid to like something openly, even if you are the first and no one else likes it. In life, we often are afraid of show our liking for something openly unless someone else does it first. Ditch that. Be eager to show your like of anything in real life too, no matter how trivial.

    2. Just like Facebook, erase life's 'Unlike' button too. Don't dislike anything that much that you must wear it on your sleeve. You can 'Not Like' something in life, and that's ok, but Disliking something is worse for you that it is for the other - so avoid it like plague.

    3. Have an active 'Comments' area in life. Have an opinion, on many things, different things. Don't be afraid to be different and to show it. Know that if you're yourself, it's not that you dislike the other's opinion.

    4. Share what you like and Share repeatedly what you like immensely. In life we usually hoard that which we like, but if we learn this facebook lesson, then not only will the world be happier, but so will you.

    5. Make friends. When someone stretches out a hand to you, be ready to reach back. However, don't be indiscriminate - make sure to keep the creeps out of your life.

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    Re: 5 life lessons from the social media

    Very interesting life lessons from social media we learn! Thank you!



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