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women want from the partner

Discussions on "women want from the partner" in "Married Life" forum.

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    women want from the partner

    women want from the partner

    1. When we talk 'listen', it shows us that you care about our feelings.

    2. Men should be smart enough and understand that not all our bad moods are connected to PMS-ing.

    3. Guys, developing an EQ (Emotional quotient) would help. That however, does not mean that they need to cry at the drop of a hat, it just means you need to be more sensitive towards us.

    4. With women communication is the key, so try and talk to us often.

    5. Here are some traits we wish men would display - chivalry, making an extra effort with our friends and family, because we do the same!

    6. Cook for us once in a while - this one may sound like a cliche, but we love surprises so an occasional effort wouldn't hurt, would it?

    7. Your machoism is not directly proportional to the speed at which you drive your car. Rash driving is so uncool.

    8. Be protective, not possessive, hear that?

    9. We need our man to proclaim love all the time and we leave it to you as to how you wish to show it.

    10. Remember the quickest way to lose a woman is to lie to her; so be honest.

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    Re: women want from the partner

    I do accept all the points except point 8 dear sister, because being possessive is not only a wife's birth right but also a simple wish of the husbands. If we dont be possessive with own wife, whom to be possessive?



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