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need help about my husband attitude

Discussions on "need help about my husband attitude" in "Married Life" forum.

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    Re: need help about my husband attitude

    Hi @dazzydaffodil,
    Just have hope that the new baby's arrival would make him see his own family. He should also realize he is the only protector for his wife and kids. He is the bridge between between his parents and you and make each other acceptable and reduce the gap. He is the one to guide you through to make you part of his joint family. I think you were just forced to be part of his family without any guidance. To make matters worse, you dint get any support and your frustration, alienated yourself from your family. Atleast you could have had some patience. The more they were pulling you into their family, mentally you were distancing yourself. Both sides dint have patience, understanding and respect. Since you couldn't get inside their circle, now situations made them think that you are better off, out of their circle.

    The only way to get someone out of a controlling environment is trust and love. The issues that just happened in your house, might be your desperate attempt to get him out of this controlling environment. The same way, they cannot enforce you, you too cannot change your husband by aggressive actions/behaviour.

    Now since you have more time and now you are in a supportive environment, just think about the past and learn your mistakes. Analyse your actions and see if there was a better way of handling. If you really want his support, you need more patience and positive actions to earn his trust. Your baby could motivate both of you to get closer. Have some elder mediators(instead of your parents) to talk to his family. If you really want to continue this relationship, you need to ignore the past and move on. This will be your (for both of you) second chance.

    Hope for the best.


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